A well-known fable tells of the blind men and the elephant. Several blind men felt different parts of an elephant and discussed what kind of animal it was.
Though they had all felt the same elephant, the man who had felt its leg said it was like a tree, and the one who had felt its trunk said it was like a snake. The moral of the story is that even when people are discussing the same thing, they may assess it in completely different ways depending on their impressions, and that just grasping one small part of something does not mean you grasp its entirety.

Drawing may be similar to this groping around in the dark. I record something I have encountered, and observe and think about what it is. In my blind state, my imagination, belief, longing, doubts, disappointments, and misunderstandings all make their way into the works. For me, these small things accumulate to form a large map of an unknown territory.

I started drawing in 1992, when I was 20 years old. I've been drawing on paper of the same size on a daily basis for over 25 years. This repetition is crucial, and the format is compatible with gradually increasing complexity and freedom, depending on the amount of time spent and number of sheets used.

“I believe that drawing on paper is very important. Drawing on paper is hardly a unique medium, but it is the one that I arrived at. For me it has always been and will continue to be a new, radical, yet precise medium. It connects the self to the work very simply and yet very intimately. It is a practice that resembles walking.” (2002)

“The latest picture I’ve drawn is an accumulation of all my drawings so far, so I could say it took 21 years to produce. And the first drawing I ever did has gained new value over the years. Both of these thin pieces of paper, the first and the latest, have gained heft and complexity with time.” (2013)

If we view each drawing as a cross-section of the world, a single drawing is like the blind men’s elephant.
I believe that every drawing presents one aspect of multifarious impressions, values changing over time, and phenomena that cannot be grasped in their entirety.

It is the process of taking a nameless and seemingly indeterminate event, and assingning it a specific from.








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